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Monday, September 11, 2017

Encouraging Quotes About Life

Best Encouraging Quotes About Life Words of Encouragement To Lift Your Spirits Others with Words are powerful tools and can be shared with others. Let these words of Encouraging Quotest give you inspiration, confidence, and faith. Here are some Encouraging life quotes to help you see the amazing potential that life has to offer.
Encouraging Quotes
Best Encouraging Quotes
Here are some words of Quotes About Encouragement with top 30 quotes to lift your spirits and brighten your day. and Best love status for whatsapp that you can share with your family or friends sometimes get upset by your lack of response.
Encouraging Quotes
Encouraging Quotes
List of 30+ Encouraging Quotes You Will Love
1. “One word of encouragement during a failure is worth far more than an hour of praise when you’re successful.”
2. “There is an ounce of good news inside of everyone. The good news is that you have unlimited potential that you don’t realize.”
3. “Opportunity lies in the middle of every difficult path in life.”
4. “What is the best revenge? Being successful.”
5. “There will always be moments that people stand and cheer for you inside without ever saying a word. Your accomplishments do not go unnoticed.”
6. “The one who recognizes challenges and has the guts to do something about them will always find success.”
7. “When life has you down, there is nothing else you can do besides be persistent to make a change.”
8. “Perseverance and determination lead to success; not genius or talent or education.”
9. “Push yourself to get through the trials of today and tomorrow to make you stronger.”
10. “Strength is not found within words or a book; it is found within yourself when you have nothing left to lose.”
11. “How can one moment in time shape the world around you? Tomorrow there will be countless moments to change the sadness of today.”
12. “Getting up in the morning is the start to a day of possibilities.”
13. “Move forward, aim high and plan a takeoff into the stars.”
14. “Sitting and hoping that life will change will always result in sorrow. Change your attitude, and you will find that change happens naturally.”
15. “When times are rough, remember: “this too shall pass.”
Encouraging Quotes You Will Love
16. “Accept life unconditionally. Never expect life to do something special for you. Just go with the flow and great things will happen.”
17. “Character is not developed in ease and quiet. Experience and suffering lead to a strengthened soul and ambition.”
18. “Talent does not automatically lead to success. There is talent all around us, but a successful talented person did one thing others didn’t: worked hard.”
19. “Prove your ability to outgrow small jobs and you will find big jobs come your way.”
20. “Take control of your actions and be consistent – it will shape your life.”
21. “Small, consistent changes are what the world of success are founded upon.”
22. “When you keep falling, remember that you have only failed when you stopped trying to get up.”
23. “Swimming against the tides can change with a word of encouragement.”
24. “You will only find spirituality when you have come to your wits end – that is where divinity resides.”
25. “There is no mountain we can conquer in the world as massive as ourselves.”
26. “The day may be long and all hope may seem lost, but try one more time, and you will see the light shining through the darkness.”
27. “Luck is not going to find you if you don’t open the doors of your world to others.”
28. “Getting what you want is a lot harder than it seems because getting what you want requires continual hard work.”
29. “When you have a why to live, you can overcome any how that gets in your way.”
30. “Don’t view obstacles with hatred. Embrace the obstacles that come your way; they are meant to be there to shape your very existence.”
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